PeakAttacke Adult Travel Ultra Light Portable Envelope Sleeping Bag

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♥ Do you like traveling? camping? or Hiking ?
♥ When you are in the hotel?
♥ In the tent? Or in the vast lawn? What do you need?
♥ Is it desire to have a sleeping bag liner?

If your answer is YES, I strongly recommend PeakAttacke sleeping bag liner! It can protect you and your sleeping bag. Providing enough space to move around and soft skin care, it can be easily folded into a small pocket. Product with high quality polyester fiber fabric and double-sided sanding process more suitable for human skin. Having it, no matter in the hotel, in a tent, or on the lawn, a sleeping bag would keep more of your hygiene. It has a wide space: lined 80x210cm (31×82″).When not in use,it provided more space for tall people to move around and stretch out the leg, despite its generous size sleeping bag liner can be folded into a practical 20x26cm pocket (8×10″).

  • ψGENEROUS SPACE: The liner is 80x210cm (31×82″),which gives even tall people space to move around and stretch out the legs. Despite its generous size,the sleeping bag liner can be folded into a practical 20x26cm (8×10″) pocket when not in use.
  • ψSOFT AGAINST YOUR SKIN: The travel sheet is made of 100% Polyester with a silky texture,which makes it very soft and comfortable against your skin.
  • ψKEEPS BOTH YOU AND YOUR SLEEPING BAG CLEAN: The sleeping bag liner has multifunctions as it protects both you and your sleeping bag. When traveling and camping,you may sometimes end up sleeping in places where the cleanliness is at best, questionable. In those situations,your sleeping bag liner will be your savior. The liner also preserves your sleeping bag, as a sleeping bag is not easy to clean, while our liner can be put in the washing machine.
  • ψSIDE OPENING WITH VELCRO CLOSURE: The liner has a 65cm(25.5″) opening on one side to make it easy for you to get into. The opening is closed with two velcro closures,so you won’t risk slipping out from the sheet during the night.
  • ψGIFT:Limited quantity of high quality eye masks are offered as gifts. Come first and get first!
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